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It’s A Come-back Thursday, July 09, 2009

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Yup! After a long-long-while with the pregnancy, labor, the peaceful maternity leave, and Facebook-ing (of course), I decide to re-born my blog.

I’m not  sure if I can commit myself to regularly update it. But, at least, I can promise myself to cheer this blog up again. I miss it! I miss writing. I miss visiting my blog. I miss telling people my blog address. I miss changing my blog’s theme, creating new category, uploading photos. Ah, I miss it so much!

(I admit that Facebook has took it place. Yes. It got it all in one. Facebook makes people connected and stay updated without a personal notification, while we have to be active visiting the blog (or activate the RSS Feed) to know the update. But why do I choose to re-active my blog again? It’s because, sometimes, I dont need people to know me personally while they read my blog. I need them to just read my blog, left some objective comment/admiring it if they willing to, and go. That’s it.)

Shortly, it’s sooo nice to be back and writing again. I have so much things in my mind, especially during the leave -where I first feel so weird with the baby (what should I do to stop the cry), need to adjust with the changes (yes, the baby does it!), and feel awkward with the free-time while the baby is sleeping (and I’m not working).

Well, cross-finger, people! And, wait for my writing.

Bye all,